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Can You Travel with a Tooth Infection?

Summer is finally here! With summer comes the time to travel and take a break from work or school. But dental problems don’t take the same breaks. Sometimes, we may be packing for our trip and find ourselves with a tooth infection. So, what should you do? 

Tooth infections can be painful and require prompt dental care. It is possible to travel while you have a tooth infection. However, traveling with a tooth infection carries risks. Because tooth infections can be serious, you should travel with caution.

Can You Travel with a Tooth Infection?

Understanding Tooth Infections 

Tooth infections occur when bacteria invade the inner layer of the tooth–the pulp. They can result from untreated tooth decay or cracks in the teeth. Even gum disease can cause a tooth infection. Tooth infections can cause severe pain, swelling, and general discomfort. 

If left without treatment, they can lead to serious complications. This can include spreading the infection to other parts of the body. Also, tooth infections can become dangerous due to their location. Being close to the brain makes infections more dangerous and necessary to treat. 

Evaluating Your Tooth Infection

Before deciding to travel with a tooth infection, you should determine how bad the infection is. Mild tooth infections may cause some unease. However, you may be able to manage pain with common pain relievers. Conversely, more severe infections often need immediate dental treatment. For example, a dentist may recommend a root canal to remove the infection. If the infection worsens, you may need a complete tooth extraction. 

Seeking Professional Advice

You should talk to your Denton dentist before traveling if you have a tooth infection. Before you leave, contact your dentist and tell them your situation. They will consider the severity of the infection and give you potential treatment options. Your dentist might prescribe antibiotics to control the infection. On the other hand, they may suggest an emergency dental appointment before your trip.

Risks of Traveling with a Tooth Infection

Traveling with a tooth infection poses certain risks that you must consider. 

Increased Discomfort: Tooth infections can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. This pain can worsen during long journeys. This can make your travel experience highly unpleasant.

Complications: Untreated tooth infections can lead to complications. In fact, the infection can spread to nearby tissues, sinuses, or even the bloodstream. Traveling like this may make the infection worse. Also, travel can delay proper treatment, which can risk your overall health.

Limited Access to Dental Care: While traveling, finding a reliable dentist can be hard. This is especially difficult if you are in a remote location or abroad. Language barriers and unfamiliar dental systems can further confuse the situation.

The Best Course of Action

While it is probably best to delay travel plans, each situation is unique. If you must travel, there are a few things you can do. 

Before you leave, make an appointment with your dentist. They can tell you whether it is safe to travel. Also, they can provide treatment to manage the infection.

As always, you should keep healthy oral hygiene habits. This can help prevent your infection from getting worse. A good oral hygiene routine reduces the number of harmful bacteria.