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Dental Concerns Denton, TX

Keeping your smile healthy is crucial to your overall health and wellness throughout your body. Stone Creek Dental is a dentist office in Denton, TX that provides complete, personalized care for your smile. Maintaining your oral health happens both at home and in our office. We treat various dental concerns to give our patients bright, healthy smiles.

If you notice a new dental concern, contact our office immediately. Concerns can vary in severity, and it can be hard to tell how bad they are without dental experience. The process is less expensive and intensive if you get treatment for your dental issues early in their development. It’s always easier to treat dental concerns earlier rather than later. It’s also better to be safe, so call us, even if you think it may be nothing.treating dental concerns in denton, texas

Visiting Our Office

Our highest priority is ensuring patients get the best quality care in a comfortable environment. We practice patient-focused dentistry that’s all about meeting your needs. Each patient gets personalized care with a unique dental treatment plan that’s different for each patient. None of our patients are the same, and our treatment plans shouldn’t be either.

Everything begins with your initial consultation. The dentist performs a thorough examination of your mouth. We discuss your dental history, your cosmetic goals, and your dental concerns. If you have any medical issues or are on medications, we take these into account, too. Other conditions and medicines can impact your oral health. We’ll also discuss your budget to ensure the treatment plan is affordable.

Common Dental Concerns in Denton, TX

If you’re concerned about your oral health, getting it checked out is important. If you avoid treatment, oral health problems can get worse. Preserve the strength and integrity of your teeth and gums. We treat these common dental concerns and more in our office.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a sign of inflammation in your mouth. Seeing your gums bleeding while you brush and floss your teeth indicates a bigger problem. Bleeding gums is a sign of the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis. Many adults have gingivitis and don’t realize it because the signs aren’t often painful. But gingivitis is the only stage of gum disease that’s reversible. If you let it progress, it can start to damage the jawbone.

If you neglect oral healthcare, bacteria and food debris build up, creating a sticky film on your teeth. As this progresses, it irritates and inflates the gum tissue, causing it to bleed. We can provide various periodontal treatment options for the stage of gum disease you’re experiencing.


Bruxism is better known as teeth grinding. Grinding and clenching your teeth causes them to wear down quickly, chip, and break. Typically, people do it at night or subconsciously during the day. It’s also more likely to occur when you feel stressed and anxious.

If you continue to do this, it can lead to TMJ disorders. This causes the jaw joint to break down and pain and tension to radiate through your face and head. We provide treatment with oral appliances that assist with jaw alignment and teeth grinding.

Crooked Teeth

When patients are concerned about crooked teeth, it’s usually because they’re worried about how they look. But crooked teeth can have many oral health implications. They can lead to bite problems, tooth damage, and concerns like gum disease. Crooked teeth are harder to clean, making it more likely for you to develop oral health issues.

Invisalign treatment can treat mild to moderate oral health concerns. We can create a treatment plan to get a perfect, even smile. If you have more intensive orthodontic concerns, we work with local orthodontists to get you the needed treatment.

Dental Anxiety

Many people fear the dentist. This fear may stem from a bad childhood experience or be related to certain dental tools or sounds. Regardless, it makes it difficult to get the oral care you need. We provide the most comfortable environment possible to meet your needs.

We provide sedation dentistry options to get you the needed care. Sedation keeps you relaxed and calm throughout any needed procedures. We have different levels of sedation to match the severity of your dental anxiety.

Discolored Teeth

Everyone experiences discolored teeth at some point because teeth discolor as we age. Lifestyle habits and certain foods and drinks can stain your teeth, causing more discoloration. Many people are embarrassed by their discolored teeth. We offer various whitening solutions to ensure you have a bright white smile you’re proud to show off.


When a patient has bad breath, we have to find the root cause of the problem. One of the most common causes is a lack of oral healthcare. Food particles and bacteria build up in the mouth, causing an unpleasant odor. Dry mouth from certain medications and the foods you eat can also cause bad breath. However, a certain type of bad breath is connected to gum disease. We start with diligent oral health treatment and advance to other treatment methods if needed.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are a big issue in your smile. When you lose the natural tooth structure, the jawbone deteriorates, and your teeth shift to fill the hole. It can also be a big killer for self-esteem. We offer various missing tooth solutions, depending on your oral health and the number of teeth you’re missing. Replacing missing teeth restores the look and function of your smile.

TMJ Headaches

If you notice you have frequent headaches, especially when you wake up in the morning, they may be caused by dental problems. TMJ disorders cause you to grind and clench your teeth while you’re sleeping, causing pain and tension throughout your head and face. Solutions like nightguards and TMJ splints can help relieve this pain.

Tooth Cavity

Tooth cavities are one of the most common oral health problems. Bacteria feed on sugars in your mouth, releasing an acidic byproduct. It starts to eat through the tooth enamel, causing a hole. If it goes untreated, the bacteria can reach the sensitive tissue in the center of your tooth. Dental fillings treat small cavities, while root canals and dental crowns can treat them if they’re more severe.

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