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Restorative Dentistry Denton, TX

Rehabilitative dentistry, or the restoration of one’s smile, is the process of recovering a tooth’s shape and appearance back to its natural state. If your smile contains a cavity, severe tooth decay, or a damaged tooth, or if you have experienced a traumatic accident that has affected your teeth, our restorative services are the solution for you. Restorations take many forms, and luckily our dentist in Denton has expert-level experience and passion when it comes to all of them!

Restorative dentistry in Denton, TX

Root Canals in Stone Creek

One of the most common rehabilitative dental procedures is a root canal. Root canals are used to eliminate the infection in a specific tooth by entering the tooth root and removing the cause of any particular infection or inflammation. After the decontamination of the root, the pulp chamber will be filled with a biocompatible material and sealed to prevent further infection. In most cases, a dental crown is placed on the treated tooth to strengthen it after a root canal and support a stable bite.

We offer the following restorative dentistry services: