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Missing Teeth Denton, TX

Missing teeth are a common dental concern. Many patients come into the office because they’re unhappy with the gap in their smile. But missing teeth have many harmful effects on your smile. When you have one missing tooth, you’re more likely to lose other teeth and have other oral health issues. Replacing missing teeth is crucial for your smile’s confidence and functionality. We can replace missing teeth with a variety of solutions.replace missing teeth in denton, texas

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Having a missing tooth starts by harming your self-esteem. It can make you insecure about your smile, so you try hiding it in public. We want to give you a smile you’re proud to show off. But we also want to ensure that your teeth function properly to keep your mouth healthy.

Even one missing tooth can compromise the health of your smile. Each of your teeth plays an important part in your mouth’s function. Your tongue interacts with each of your teeth to make sounds to form words. Each one also breaks down your food as you’re eating. You may develop a lisp or other speech impediment when you’re missing a tooth. There’s also a chance you won’t be able to break down certain foods to get a balanced diet.

When a permanent tooth is lost, the jawbone starts to deteriorate. It compromises the integrity of your bite and can cause you other difficulties. The facial muscles rely on jawbone structure to support them, so they start to sag as the bone erodes. The teeth around the missing one start to shift to try and fill in the gap that tooth left. Your bite becomes uneven and can lead to the development of TMJ disorders.

Solutions for Missing Teeth in Denton, TX

Our office provides multiple solutions to replace missing teeth. A restorative dentistry consultation lets us plan the best option for you. It depends on your oral health, budget, the number of teeth you’re missing, and cosmetic goals. With our expertise in treating complex dental concerns, we can get you back your dream smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement. They’re the only restoration that replaces the tooth root in addition to the crown. We recommend implants whenever possible. They provide stability that no other restoration can match. Since they replace the tooth root, they stop the jawbone from continuing to deteriorate. They look and feel the most like your natural tooth, giving you back the full functionality of your smile.

Some patients aren’t eligible for implants because they require a certain amount of tooth structure. The implants have to fuse with the jawbone to anchor the restoration. Bone grafts or other surgeries can help restore your bone structure, making you eligible to get dental implants.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge replaces a span of consecutive missing teeth. Natural teeth or dental implants can support the bridge. If it’s being supported by your natural teeth, there’s no surgical component required like dental implants. It’s also a more economical option for patients on a budget.

When we use your natural teeth, we prepare the tooth structure on the anchor teeth for dental crowns. Supporting a dental bridge is a big job, and it can cause your teeth to wear down quickly and become damaged more often. When we place dental crowns on these teeth, they can take on the stress of supporting the bridge. Bridges come in fixed and removable versions, so we can determine what works best for you.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials are the best solution if you’re missing all or most of your teeth. Removable dentures use suction to stay in your mouth. Often, you also need adhesive to ensure they stay in. While they don’t give you back the complete function of your natural teeth, they complete your smile again.

Implant-supported dentures give you the benefits of both of these restorations. There are only a few dental implants, reducing the restoration costs, but you still get the stability and other benefits of dental implants. It also replaces all of your teeth while giving you back more of the smile’s function than you do with traditional dentures.

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