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Dentures are a restorative dentistry option to replace missing teeth made up of false teeth and some gum tissue. Advances in materials and dental technology make dentures appear more natural-looking than ever before. Stone Creek Dental offers several types of dentures in Denton, TX as an effective solution for missing teeth to restore beauty and function.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

A patient who has lost or will lose several or all of their natural teeth is a good candidate for dentures. This restorative dentistry solution will improve the quality of life for anyone with gaps in their smile. Here are specific criteria to be a suitable candidate for dentures:

  • Suffer from significant tooth loss due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma
  • Have severely damaged or decayed teeth that your dentist cannot save or restore effectively
  • Have difficulty chewing food or suffering from nutritional deficiencies because of missing teeth
  • Suffering from speech issues due to missing teeth
  • Have facial sagging leading to an aged appearance due to missing teeth
  • Have enough gum and jawbone to support the denture. Those opting for implant-supported dentures will especially require adequate bone density.
  • Denture wearers need to be able to adapt to the feel of dentures in their mouth, which can take some time and patience
  • Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is crucial for denture wearers to prevent gum disease and ensure the longevity of their dentures.
  • Non-smokers are better candidates for dentures since smoking can affect the health of the oral tissues and the success of dentures, especially implant-supported ones.

The Benefits of Dentures

Dentures offer several benefits to individuals with missing teeth. They will allow you to chew food, smile with confidence, and speak clearly again among other things. You can significantly improve your quality of life by replacing your teeth with dentures.

Modern advancements in dental materials and techniques have greatly improved the comfort, appearance, and durability of dentures, making them a viable option for many people seeking to restore their smile and oral health.

  • Improved Aesthetics and Lifestyle: Dentures are designed to closely resemble natural teeth thanks to advances in dental technology and materials. This will enhance the appearance of your smile and face. This improvement in your appearance will lead to increased self-esteem, social confidence, and overall happiness.
  • Better Functionality: Replacing teeth with dentures will restore most of your chewing and speaking abilities. You can eat a greater variety of foods offering better nutrition. Also, if your dentures fit properly, you will see an improvement in speech clarity.
  • Oral Health Benefits: By filling the gaps left by missing teeth, dentures will keep any remaining teeth from moving into the void, out of position. This can lead to bite problems and issues cleaning teeth.
  • Non-Invasive: Getting traditional dentures involves a non-invasive procedure, with no surgery required unless extractions of remaining teeth are necessary. This makes dentures an accessible option for many, including those who may not qualify for surgical implants due to medical conditions or insufficient bone density.

Types of Dentures

Stone Creek Dental offers removable and fixed permanent dentures in Denton, TX. We can custom-design full or partial dentures depending on how many teeth you are missing. We can fabricate any type of denture for the upper or lower arch.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures are for patients missing an entire arch of teeth. They are typically made of a plastic base that is colored to blend in with the gums. This base is designed to stay in place by forming a seal with your gums.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for patients with one or more missing teeth but still have some healthy, viable teeth remaining. Used to fill in gaps in your smile, a partial is a removable appliance that uses metal clasps that will attach to your remaining teeth. This will hold it snuggly in place.

Implant Dentures

This type of custom-made restoration is held in place with dental implants. Using up to eight implants, your dentist can create a denture that will snap onto the implants or be fixed to the implants with screws. Implant-supported dentures will help reduce bone loss in the jaw and improve the structure of your face.

Teeth Extractions Before Getting Dentures

In most cases, we will need to extract some teeth before you can get your dentures. This is necessary when you have some teeth that are tooth damaged or diseased and we cannot save them. This is a critical step in restoring your oral function and aesthetics with dentures. You will likely need teeth extractions before receiving dentures if you have advanced periodontal disease, extensive tooth decay, or poor oral health.

After we remove the teeth, a healing period is necessary. Your gums and bone need time to heal and reshape so we can properly fit you for your custom denture. This period can last several weeks to a few months. We will place immediate dentures for aesthetic purposes while you are healing.

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