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How to Maintain your Travel Toothbrush

Summer can be a great time for traveling and taking vacations. But it can also be a dangerous time for your oral health. Many people fail to properly maintain their oral health while traveling. Even if you do bring a toothbrush with you, if you aren’t maintaining it, then it could be harming your dental health instead of helping it. Proper care and maintenance for a travel toothbrush are crucial if you want to help prevent decay while on vacation.

Proper care and maintenance for a travel toothbrush are crucial if you want to help prevent decay while on vacation.

How to Maintain a Travel Toothbrush

Keeping a toothbrush clean and healthy while traveling can be a bit tricky. But with the right equipment and systems, you could improve the durability and strength of your brush this summer season.

Keep Your Brush Well Ventilated

A toothbrush needs proper airflow to help prevent bacteria from forming. A brush clears away plaque on your teeth, which means that plaque could stick around on your brush, especially if you don’t rinse it properly. If your brush is wet and has no air, it could develop bacteria that you might end up spreading on your teeth and gums. 

To keep your brush ventilated, store it in a container that has air holes. It’s also best not to place your toothbrush or container in a zipped up bag with other items. While it can be easier for packing, this can cut off the airflow and lead to complications. If you are putting it in a zipped bag, make sure it has lots of room to properly vent.

Keep Your Brush Out and Dry

While at your destination, try to avoid putting your brush back into its container after use, especially if it’s not fully dry. Like your toothbrush at home, it’s best to let your travel toothbrush air out and breathe during the day. Bringing a cup or holder for your brush can help ensure it gets the ventilation it needs while you’re out and about.

Pack a New Brush or Head Each Trip

Toothbrushes aren’t meant to be used for more than a few months. That includes travel toothbrushes. Even though you don’t use them every day, they can still wear down or develop bacteria over time. It’s best to get yourself a new toothbrush or brush head for your summer travel every year to ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy.

Don’t Forget the Floss

While maintaining your toothbrush is crucial, it’s also a good idea to make sure you have plenty of floss on your trips. Floss helps remove food particles from between your teeth and along the gum lines. Using floss along with a toothbrush can help keep your oral health high while on vacation.

If you’re getting ready to travel for the summer, you need to pay attention to your oral health. Even one week of poor oral hygiene could lead to decay or damage. At Stone Creek Dental, we strive to help our patients maintain their oral hygiene no matter where they are. Call us today at 940-329-4605 to schedule a cleaning before you leave and to learn more about how to properly maintain your travel toothbrush.